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The following list is a recipe usable for you to build an electronic circuit with iELANA and finally display one of the available charts or create a table of values:

  1. You create a new document or open one of the sample files or a file that you did save previously.

  2. The circuit is displayed as a sequence of macro-steps in the circuit viewer.

  3. edit
  4. Changes to the circuit are made within the circuit editor.

  5. To change or add individual components, open the component input.

  6. check
  7. You can change into the chart viewing function if you have checked the circuit.

  8. params
  9. Set as useful parameters for the calculation of the circuit.

  10. calculate
  11. Apply a calculation cycle to the circuit. The higher you set the table size the longer it takes to complete a computing sequence.

  12. limits
  13. Open the view for the calculated limit values of the circuit. If you think the results are unsuitable for your needs then repeat from step 6 on and change the frequency range.
    vtable  magnitude  nyquist  phase
    Important: This view is the starting point to open the table of values and the available charts!

  14. vtable
  15. From here on, you can display a table of values for your computed circuit. Again, if the calculated values do seem inappropriate or unsuitable for you then repeat from step 6 with a change in frequency range.
    magnitude  nyquist  phase
    Otherwise you can open one of these available charts:

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