$iPad{iELANA - } iELANA - Limit values of the circuit

This view shows the calculated limit values of the currently calculated circuit. With the top segmented control showing the selection values Ul, Zi, Ik and Yi, you set the content to be displayed in the limits table. The lower segmented control, also labeled with the quantities Ul, Zi, Ik and Yi, indicates, what quantity is to be displayed in the diagrams and the value table. Based on the limits table, you can assess whether the values changes are significant enough to create a diagram.

If the values changes don't seem significantly enough for you, then change back to the parameter settings and adjust the frequency range accordingly. Apply a new calculation cycle and go back again to the limits view.

Using the switch "one page", you determine whether an output of a value table uses only the amount for a single screen from the total number of calculated iterations, or all available iteration points should appear.

Using the toolbar, you have the following functions:

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