History of iELANA

The origins of iELANA date back to 1998. In that year the author of the program completed a Windows PC application named elNet32, developed with Microsoft Visual C++ and the MFC library. At that time Intel 80486 processors were still used and the computing power available was almost a disaster for that program. The program, however, had never appeared on the market. Nevertheless elNet32 is the direct ancestor of iELANA.

In 2010, the author decided to do a port of the Windows program elNet32 to Apple's iOS with Xcode 3, just before Apple has switched to Xcode 4. That was also the period prior to iOS 4.0, and things were difficult concerning stability. With fairly few changes the entire computing core and algorithm of the Windows program template in C++ could be reused. Some C++ classes from the MFC library could not be removed from the program design and were therefore re-implemented in C++ with support from the STL library. The GUI was completely redesigned in Objective-C to conform the Apple-style guideline. Interfaces between the pure C++ code and Objective-C code were added in Objective-C++.

Since the stability left much to be desired and the new program crashed constantly because of memory allocation problems, the project was initially set.

In autumn 2012, the author went on to a next shot on the project and converted all sources to the much more recent Xcode 4.5 environment. This time, with the limitation set to have iOS 5.0 as the least executable version, the GUI has been updated for the use of storyboards and the complete code was changed to ARC (automatic reference control). Stability did now improve significantly, and the computation time on modern iOS devices is very low.

In winter 2012 the use of Apple's iCloud has yet been added as a supplement. The original idea, to backup user data in iELANA to by Web servers from an iOS device, would have hardly found an Apple approval.

Let's say as a conclusion: the internal computational algorithm and program logic has been tested long and hard and they still work today!

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