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The app iELANA contains some circuit examples which are stored in the application's internal language-localized folders. Circuits that you create yourself will be saved in the usual iOS apps default document folder when you save them. This is true even if you have opened a sample file and save it after changes.

The sample files in iELANA are delivered in an uncompressed XML format and are read-only. This is indicated by the file extension .nwl. The files in the app Documents folder are saved in compressed iOS Apple plist format with the file extension .nwa. The App Documents folder can be used with Apple's iCloud. New documents created (or modified examples) are first stored locally. However, with iCloud activated they can be transferred on the appropriate server. Note that in this case the local copy is deleted from the documents folder. This is the default behavior when communicating with iCloud. To use iCloud the first priority is that the global setting for saving documents is enabled in "System Preferences iCloud". In addition there is still a switch in the system settings specifically for iELANA to activate the iCloud. The latter is configured by default to "on".

To distinguish whether a file is stored locally or in iCloud you can see by the following symbols:

Once files are stored in the app Documents folder, you can edit the folder view:

Note for the use of iCloud:
it is recommended to use the iCloud most possible with iOS devices, that have installed iOS version 6.0 or later. The signaling of changes to files in the iCloud can occur delayed with devices running iOS 5.1.1 or lower.

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