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Usually, according to lots of literature, a Bode chart consists of a pair of diagrams, namely the magnitude response and the phase response at the output of a circuit.

The magnitude response in a Bode diagram shows the logarithmic characteristics of the output quantity by the input quantity over the frequency. It is drawn as the upper graph.

The phase response in a Bode diagram shows the graphically course of the linear characteristic of the phase angle difference between output quantity and input quantity. It is drawn as the lower graph.

Two graphs in different diagrams in a single view consume a lot of space. So, for the spatial restriction on an iPhone, this view is only available for the iPad (since iELANA's update version

In both diagrams drawn you can obtain the detailed information on the curve drawn, on the current position via a finger touch on the screen. Tap and drag across the screen to update this information continuously. Read out the detailed info from the floating text or follow the crosshairs pointing to the scale of the axes. Tap the floating text, to turn off the display. The tracking crosshairs moves synchronized between both diagrams. You can either tap and move on the upper graph or act on the lower graph. You'll get detailed informations for the same frequency on both graphs.

By default, the detailed info in the floating text and the crosshair will disappear after a short time. You can prevent this by double tapping once on the drawing area. The status of this action will appear in the upper right. Then the crosshairs and the detailed info both remain on the screen, if you've activated it with a single tap. You have to turn off the detail display manually that way. Tap twice once again on the drawing surface to restore the default.

The toolbar of the diagram view provides the following functions:

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