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iELANA for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The second app for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is also published in the AppStore: »iELANA«.
The meaning of its name iELANA has to do with analysis of electronic circuits. This app is a useful tool for electronics professionals who are "on the road" with analog circuit techniques. If you want to analyze and optimize filter circuits, iELANA is the right tool for you to judge the circuit behavior based on Bode diagram, Nyquist diagram and phase response. As an output quantity you can select one of open-circuit voltage, internal impedance, short-circuit current or internal conductance individually for each circuit.

iELANA operates according to the method of the dipole-reduction. What this exactly is you might not need to know exactly ... but you should know how to read a circuit diagram of electronic components and understand it so that you can feed iELANA with the necessary information.

If you for example are just busy with studying electronics and communication, this program can be a useful aid for you

For those of you who'd like to have a glimpse to the features of the program:
English iELANA manual

The manual is integrated into the app in this form (with customized formatting). Nevertheless, it will remain as an online version. So, as a user of the app you can always make a printout of it. Those who are not yet using the app iELANA, can continue to evaluate whether they can possibly achieve some benefit of it later.

Link to this app in AppStore:

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